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Naomi L. Gee

Our IT Leaders

Naomi L. Gee

President/Consulting Principal and Founder

A trusted advisor to corporate executives and a strong, reliable partner to business leaders on all matters relating to how technology is leveraged to deliver business solutions. Over fifteen plus years of Information Technology (IT) experience across several business-enabling technical and management positions for Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. Highly creative, entrepreneurial and results-driven as demonstrated by having successfully served in various roles including principal consultant, co-founder and owner, marketing campaign manager, project manager, IBM consultant, and IBM project methodology and JAD expert.

While at IBM she was one of the key players in the development and implementation of the Executive Information System (EIS) with Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC). During that time she became adept at various computer systems and lead an elite group of software engineers in some of the nation’s most challenging projects The Year 2000.

She was a Business/IT Process consultant in various CMMI and Quality Systems projects for various software and non-software companies.

As head of Solutions Design Consulting she brings that same expertise in problem solving to assist in all levels of client projects.